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#1. You are given ten apples which have to distribute among five people , how many apples each person will get ?

#2. If three pens cost you Rs.69 then how much will you pay for 13 such pens

#3. What is the difference of squares of the smallest prime number and two digit smallest number ?

#4. The diagonal of a rectangular field is 17m and the perimeter is 46m , then what will be the area of the field ? (In respective unit )

#5. Which of these numbers is a prime number ?

#6. How many packets of 1/16 kg sugar can be made from 3¼ kg (read as 3 whole 1 by 4) of sugar ?

#7. The circumference of a circle is 44cm , then its area will be :

#8. Two numbers are such that one is smaller than the other by 5 and difference of their squares is greater than their product by 11. The smaller number is .....

#9. Which of fraction is the least ?

#10. What is the square root of 169 ?

#11. How many unique letters are present in the word 'ELEPHANT' ?(Answer :0 to 9 only )

#12. See the image and tick the correct answer :

#13. LCM(12 ,16) X LCM(10,15) =

#14. Ravi purchased a car for Rs.2,50,000 and sold at Rs. 3,48,000. What percentage of gain/loss he gets ?




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