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#1. In which year was United Nations established ?

#2. Which of the following states has largest coastline?

#3. Who opened the first school for girls in India?

#4. How many days are in a year generally ?

#5. Which country is not among the ASEAN members ?

#6. What is square root of 441 ?

#7. In which year did the massacre of Jallianwala Bagh occur?

#8. Who was the first law minister of independent India?

#9. Who was the first President of India ?

#10. When is International Women's day celebrated ?

#11. Full form of ISRO ?

#12. If the Sun comes in the middle of Erath and Moon , then it is :

#13. When was Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) established ?

#14. In which city of India, maximum of worldโ€™s small diamonds processed?

#15. Who built Taj Mahal ?

#16. Who invented ELECTRIC BULB ?




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